Learn how a computer works!

Ever thought about being that person that everyone goes to for help? Ever wanted to know what it takes to troubleshoot, repair or build a computer? And you don't know where to start?

On Monday 28, 2020; we have 4 more seats for enrollment. 


- Desktop or Laptop.

- Reliable Internet Connection that can handle video playback.

- Email account for registration and correspondence.

We are accepting the age of 14 – 24 (limited seats). 

Once you are registered, you can IMMEDIATELY go in and begin. This is ideally a 4-week course. So you do not need to rush to complete. During each week, the instructor will be on call for questions, feedback, and provide any assistance as needed. Each week, the instructor will open up the sections prior to the upcoming scheduled week. Some items will not be available UNTIL the next active week this will be marked with a Lock


This will make sure you focus on the material for the current week. We want you to retain as much knowledge by researching, learning, and practicing and then repeat and then repeat again until the new week. There will be a variety of types of presentations, PowerPoint, images, text, etc. Quizzes to test your understanding. 

Look forward to seeing your SUCCESSFUL completion and hearing about your experience. 


This course is for:


  •  Beginners wanting to repair their own computers.

  •  Anyone tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money to get their computer fixed.

  •  Anyone who wants to make money on repairing computers.

  •  Anyone that wants a new hobby or learn a new skill for fun.

  •  This course is not intended for computer repair experts.

Upon the success of this 4-week session, we will prepare for advanced technical courses. We are accepting 4 more registrants. If you are interested, please Sign up here